Feb 20-23, 2020

Islamorada, FL

MEN DARING GREATLY is excited to announce our first Wild at Heart BASIC Weekend. 


    Wild at Heart BASIC isn't just another men's retreat. That's the last thing anybody needs. The reason most messages for men ultimately fail is simple: They ignore what is deep and true to a man's heart, and try to shape him up through various forms  of pressure. Not this. This weekend is an honest, no bs trek into the deep passions and desires of a man's heart, into the healing of the wounds he's taken in this battle, into the realm of fatherhood and sex and God and calling – life as it was meant to be lived. Through the sessions, the times of quiet reflection, the movies, the adventures and the downtime, you will discover something profound about the heart of God and the heart he gave you as a man. Are you ready for one of the greatest weekends of your entire life?


     The story of Wild at Heart BASIC is one of men encountering God and experiencing healing, breakthrough, freedom, and strength restored. It is not a retreat about the “seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy.” It is a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul, the release of a man’s heart—his passions and his true nature—all given him by God. It’s an invitation to rush the fields at Bannockburn, to go West, to leap from the falls and save the beauty. For if a man is going to know who he truly is as a man, if he is going to find a life worth living, love a woman deeply, and not pass on his confusion to his children, he simply must get his heart back.

    For over a decade, John Eldredge and his team have led more than 20,000 men through Wild at Heart Boot Camps, all around the globe, against a backdrop of beauty and adventure. They are expeditions of the heart, and the men who’ve attended will never be the same. God is up to something epic. Simply put, BASIC is Wild at Heart BASIC led by John and his team through video session and facilitated by the team at MEN DARING GREATLY

    We have selected the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, on Lower Matecumbe Key (mile marker 73.8) on the Overseas Highway in Islamorada, FL as our location to experience God, and recover our hearts. Sea Base Conference Center  abounds with legends and tales of unequaled adventure. Even though the pirates and wreckers have been gone from this area for a long time, to this day the lure of discovering the treasure of our hearts is the true Keys adventurers. We are MEN DARING GREATLY. 


Important Details

Total Cost: $350

Check in  Begins: 4:00pm on Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Check out: 12:00 noon on Sunday, February 23rd , 2020

Location: Islamorada, FL (Florida Sea Base)


Use Coupon Code "earlybird" to get $35 off if you register early

Questions? Send us a message.

Located 75 miles south of Miami at Mile Marker 73.8

Here is just a glimpse of Base Camp and surround areas