Men Daring Greatly is a men's ministry, that combines Christian discipleship, emotional health, personal transformation, and outdoor adventure. We use these to develop strategies to combat the wounds and messages that the evil one consistently uses to attack those of us who choose to live wholeheartedly in a broken world.


We do this because too many men live detached from their heart, their desire and their passion. We believe that a return to adventure will restore the will to fight, to regain the heart that has been lost. It is our desire that these environments will help men discover the things that keep them from living in the freedom and restoration that God offers through His son Jesus Christ. To awaken their hearts to the joy of brotherhood. To fight with them to guard their hearts from shame, addiction and isolation. To stir deep in their hearts the truth that they can live and lead as the men God created them to be.

It is our hope and prayer that you might be the man, who is searching for a band of brothers to walk with you on this journey. We were designed for personal relationship with God, but not in isolation. Our greatest
encounters with Jesus are almost always adventures in community!